“EduCate to CreaTe”
Mar Serrano · Teacher Educator

Mar Serrano actress and teacher educator was born in Barcelona (Spain). She enter into the world of theater at 12 years old in a Teatrejoc School. She formed herself as an actress by studyng  Arte Dramático (DRAMA) in La Casona of Barcelona, and by taking classess in Granada (Spain) (clown, cabaret, dance-theater, biodance, improvisation and Art Therapy) with Association of Teachers for Dramatic Expression in Spain (Proexdra) directed by Alfredo Mantovani, Victor Orive, Javier Melguizo, Tuco Nogales.. Art, Education and Personal Development professionals.

In the area of education she graduated with a degree in Magisterio (Education) from Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

Through dedicated to constant learning and research, she fusis interpretation, art and education. She directed various classes and workshops for children in order to promoved artistic introduced the theater for children in school. She utilize games as a tool to develope the imagination, and especially, to introducied emotional education to younger children.

In recent years she has furthered her work in sensory and emotional education by participating in Researh Laboratory El último baile (The last Dance) by Enrique Vargas with International Theater Company of the senses, and a workshops of Emotional Education with Fundation for Education of Barcelona.

After many years of dedication in theater arts and education respectively, and guided by these two passions EducART is born. With the strong conviction that children, and there adult selves, are an inexhaustable fount of creativity and inspiration. She reconizes the importance of guiding them and awakinging their senses in order to connect them with their emotions a part from judgement and expectations, to remind them that they are magical beings they can Trust, Belive and Created.


2016-17“Play my emotions” The Alloy Studios-Kelly Strayhorn Theater (Pittsburgh, USA).

/This class is designed to develop sensory and emotional work. It helps students wake up their senses and connect with their emotions, without judgement or expectations, using theater, games and art as a channel./

Sept. 2014- Jun. 15 Regular Classes “Theater kids” (Barcelona).

Sept. 2015- Jun. 16 Regular Classes “I play my emotions II”